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    Excavation is the name given to all excavation works. Pouring the excavated material into a storage area and correcting it is also included in this concept. Excavation works can be done by hand and tools such as shovels and pickaxes, as well as by using construction equipment such as excavators, graders, loaders.


    Before starting the excavation process, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permit and license. The area to be excavated is determined in accordance with the project. During these processes, it should be worked by experts. Plans of underground systems such as water pipes, natural gas pipes and telecom lines in the existing area should be drawn up and it should be tried not to damage them. In addition, many issues such as whether there are living creatures in the excavation area and whether the built environment on the side will be damaged should be evaluated. After all these routine operations are completed, the excavation process is started with suitable work machines. Removed soil or debris is removed from the construction site environment with suitable transportation conditions.



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